Occupying a town before they use pacify to get it back.

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Occupying a town before they use pacify to get it back.

Post  TEMPLAR NORMAN on Wed Feb 24, 2010 5:46 am

We have all experienced the problems with taking a town geting the loyalty low then the guy logs on and uses pacify to upset your good hard work.

Recommendations: It will take time and patience you need to find out when he/she is online/offline this will help alot as attacking whilst they are online is worthless.

Contact your neighbours near and far it will help dramaticaly, once you find out when they are offline start the attacks co-ordinate with your neighbours quick attacks which mean high level armys attacks with siege engines and or billman to knock down his walls quickly, as sending small armys that knock down walls 30 40 rounds later doesnt help so quick knockdowns will help quickly.

Even when you have discontent to 100% you need to bring down his Loyalty quickly to 0 then you can take his city.

Its about timing and quick wall killing armys and co-ordinating with allys that will conquer the town.

if you have any questions or want to know more mail me!

Templar Norman


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