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Food Glorious Food

Post  kmita on Wed Feb 24, 2010 8:00 pm

In order to feed all your massive armies do the following:

- After you've got your city fairly well built (e.g. reached lvl 10 City Hall), start dismantling quarries and mines and rebuilding farms. Leave a few of each of the non-farms for troops and defense building, etc.
- Get your farming tech to 10 once you start amassing your arming. Every level is an extra 10%
- Locate the best lakes and occupy them. Managing this daily, dropping the low level ones in favor
of high level ones is important. don't wait until one drops to level 0 before switching it out for a lvl 8, 9, or 10.
- Use swamps as well, though they're not as good a lakes. Don't occupy a wilderness unless it gives you a food bonus of at least 15%, even if you have a bit of a march to get to a good one.
- Keep a high level Politics officer as Mayor all the time. This helps production.
- Dismiss useless troops. If you don't need gobs of peasants or Inf for gathering or musks for prestige building anymore, get rid of them. You can always rebuild these quickly later if you ever need them.
- Spread your own cities out a bit so they are not all relying on the same set of lakes for bonuses and always build the max # of cities that you are allowed. Remember, you want at least 10 or more lakes to be available in the vicinity per city.
- Keep your cities in the green as much as possible. This allows to to amass a nice stockpile for the action.
- Pillage often to gain food (though this may not be something to rely on as cities tend to hide their stuff after one pillaging).


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