All Sgt. Richards’ guides in one!

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All Sgt. Richards’ guides in one!

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All Sgt. Richards’ guides in one!

Wall Guild
1. Attack a wall with your Hussar and Dragoon reach the wall, then have them DEFEND
2. Attack a wall with your troops with low range when reach the wall, then have them DEFEND
3. Attack a wall when your Howitzers, and Musketeer range goes to gray not red
4. All artillery works great on walls (Siege Engines might be the best in my opinion due to they are wall attackers.)
5. A myth says that Billman work great on attacking walls.
6. Each level of a wall is 1 million hit points.
7. Every time you try to occupy a city the wall regenerates, so best to have some alliance friends to help you take down a target!

Gathering Guild
1. When you gather, make sure you pick a wilderness level 7-10 so that when you start gathering you can gather for more days and not worry about capturing/occupying more.
*Also works for having more % of getting a jewel. (This does not have to be done but suggested)
2. There is a myth that sagacity increases the % of getting a jewel.
3. When gathering make sure you have 800-1000 peasants at your wilderness.
*Results for me: 12 Amber(s) for 1 day 7 hours (Approved by metooz - got Corporal in less than 2 weeks!)

Attacking Guild
1. it’s best to use Musketeer for attacking any infantry, they have long range and not so bad but not so good attack.
*The range really helps because of attack not being really big.
2. it’s best to use Grenadiers to defend your behind army (Musketeer or any other troop)
*Defend is really high for Grenadiers. (You should use these to defend Musketeer due to low life!)

-Billman kill Hussar, Dragoon but weak vs. Musketeer
-Musketeer kill all infantry, but weak vs. calvery.
-Grenadiers kill Hussar, Dragoon but weak vs. Musketeer
-Infantrymen are useless, weak vs. any other infantry and calvery
-Artillery weak vs. calvery
-Dragoon kill nearly all infantry, weak vs. Billman

Attacking Wilderness Guild
1. Outlaws are Infantrymen
2. Footpads are Billman
3. Thugs are Grenadiers
4. Mounted Robbers are Musketeer
5. Cavaliers are Hussar
6. Pinch = 1-10
7. Few = 11-25
8. Choir = 26-50
9. Pack = 51-100
10. Host = 101-160
11. Gang = 161-500
12. Crew = 501-1,000
13. Gaggle= 1,001-2500
14. Huge Brood = 2501 - 10,000
15. Countless = 10,001 - 50,000

Healing Guild
1. Go to Rally Spot
2. Go to Hospital
3. At hospital hit cure
4. Then go to barracks
5. Make 1 Infantrymen
*This causes you to gain all the prestige you lost while cureing your troops

Best Buildings for Cities Guide
1. Make 10-12 barracks
2. Make every building, rest are cottages
*That is about 10+ cottages. Minimum is 10!

Closing Gates Guide
1. Go to Rally Spot
2. Click on Defensive Tactic
3. Click on Counter Pillage
*You will see a sword, or a castle door on each troop.
(Sword = Fight) (Castle Door = Will not Fight)

4. Change all of these to a castle door
5. Hit confirm

Getting Gold Fastly Guide
1. First off make ur loyalty 100 for making max. (You dont have to but 100 tax or 90 tax is great to do it with)
2. Set your taxs EXACTLY 99% now 100% or it will not work
*Then every 30 minutes do Observation
*Here is a great place to do this when u go to that url put at end 30 minutes and it will tell u when 30 minutes is up, then refresh when u do Observation.

I hope this has helped everyone! I will be editing this for future knowledge so make sure u stay tuned to this page!

Remember to bookmark this page for faster access!

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