City Hall Features Guide

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City Hall Features Guide

Post  Guest on Sun Jan 03, 2010 4:45 am

Hello all new players,

I will be posting some simple newbie guides so that they may help you get on your feet and learn the basics of this game. So here we go.

As you start your first day in the game, you'll notice you have your first building, (City Hall) as a level 1. The City hall is the basis for features and certain levels are required to accomplish quests or make new buildings.

If you click on the City Hall, you'll notice 8 features:

'Buildings, Production, Adjust Tax Rate, Pacify, Levy, City Rename, Wilderness, Cities'.

Buildings - Clicking this will show you what current buildings you have in your city, and the level of each.

Production - Production will show you what your current production levels are (0-100), the basic production of each resource, the added bonuses and finally the Total Production (what your currently making from each resource / hour).

Adjust Tax Rate - This feature is used to adjust your cities tax rate. Tax rate shares a ratio with Loyalty out of 100. (i.e whatever your tax rate is, your loyalty will be 100 - tax rate.. ((ex. tax rate = 20%, 100 - 20 = 80)) therefore, your loyalty will be 80) Note: You do not want to set your tax rate more then 20% until you get more experienced in the game, and find your limits as this has an effect on population and loyalty which can cause problems if not taken care of properly. The more population you have, the more money you will make.

Pacify - Pacify is a function that aids you in a time of need. If your city comes under attack and your loyalty falls low, and your Discontent begins to raise, you may use some of these functions of Pacify to help in aiding to get your levels back to a stable position. As well you can use it to raise your population, quickly, for a certain period of time.

Levy - A function simply used to get a small amount of resources, but be careful as it lowers your loyalty by 20 every time it is used.

City Rename - Simply used to rename your city.

Wilderness - When pressed, this button will show you what current wildernesses you own. Note: A wilderness is a valley that when occupied, gives you a certain % of resources every hour. (Swamps, Lakes, Deserts, Forests etc..) You will see these on your map. Note: You always want to scout a wilderness first before you attack it, so you know what troops you must send in order to be able to defeat it.

Cities - This feature simply shows what current Cities you have, and how many.


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