Buildings, Their purposes, and Their Levels Guide

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Buildings, Their purposes, and Their Levels Guide

Post  Guest on Sun Jan 03, 2010 4:46 am

Now, let's get into the buildings, their purposes, and their levels.

Every building has a level. Each level gives a benefit as to what that buildings purpose is. For example, a barracks will need a certain level to be able to produce certain troops. In turn, the University will need a certain level to be able to research a special military research which is also needed to produce troops in the barracks.

So now for the buildings and their purpose.


Town Hall - As mentioned above, the Town Hall is basically responsible for the features listed in it, as well as each level raised, you gain 3 'resource fields'.

Cottage - The cottages are used to house troops and peasants. With each construction and upgrade of a cottage, you gain more population which in turn, adds production to your hourly gold. You always need cottages to be able to make more troops or peasants.

Public House - The public house is where you can recruit Officers. Officers have special abilities which in turn, help your city and it's resources. With every upgrade of your public house, your list of available Officers is increased. (i.e if your public house is level 4, you will see 4 different Officers, all with different statistics)

Pleasure Palace - The pleasure palace is used to house those Officers. With every upgrade of your pleasure palace, you are able to house 1 more Officer. (i.e if your pleasure palace is level 4, you can store up to 4 Officers)

Horse Breeder's Guild - The HBG is used to speed up productions of Horse-Mounted troops. For every level upgraded, your Horse-Mounted troops will be produced that much faster.

Relay Station - The main purpose of the relay station is to speed up transportation of troops and resources between your own cities and your allies cities. With each level of relay station upgraded,

Rally Point - The rally point is used to hold Military Strategies. With each level of rally point upgraded, you are able to make that many more attacks or movements. (i.e if your rally point is level 2, you can make 2 'marches' or transports).

Exchange - The exchange is where all of your transactions will be handled. Here, you can sell resources to players or the NPC trader (computer controlled) as well as buy from other players or the NPC trader.

Forge - The main purpose of this building is to aid your troops in defense and battle. For every level of forge, you will gain additional armor upgrades and attack upgrades for your troops. (Not seen)

University - The university is where you will learn all of your most important researches needed in striving to become a powerful warlord. Here you will be able to research not only resource upgrades, but military and financial.

Warehouse - The warehouse is key to storing your valuable resources when under attack. Here you can choose what ratio of your resources you would like to be held, so when under attack you don't lose all of your hard earned resources.

Embassy - The embassy. This building is used for the purposes of creating or joining an Alliance. You will need a level 1 Embassy to join an Alliance, or a level 2 to be able to create your own. Not only that, but your embassy allows other Alliance members to garrison your Cities as well as more helpful options you will later discover.

Barracks - Barracks. This is where all your mighty troops and hard working peasants are made. You will need certain levels of other buildings and researches to be able to create more troops. Remember, every troop you make takes off some food production as well as population, so make sure your always maintaining a positive food production and have plenty of cottages to support those troops.

Workshop - The workshop is used to be able to research your most feared military weapons. You will need to upgrade your workshop to a certain level to be able to research some military researches, that will enable you to build powerful siege weapons.

Beacon Tower - Your beacon tower is used to warn you of incoming invasions from other forces. When you are about to be attacked, depending on your beacon tower level, your beacon tower will send you a 'report' explaining to you what forces are coming and how long till they arrive. This is key in your city's defenses.

Walls - Walls are used as your main city defense. Not only do walls add more protection from attacks, but they also are used to create units to help defend you from incoming attacks. With each level of walls produced, you will gain more durability on those walls, and be able to produce higher level units which will greatly increase your chances of surviving an attack.


These are resource fields. They will help you increase your productions of resources per hour.

Farm - Here is where you create food to feed your troops and peasants. With every upgrade and production, your food production per hour will be increased.

Lumber Mill - The lumber mill is used to create lumber, which is used in most buildings. With every upgrade and production, your lumber production per hour will increase.

Quarry - The quarry is used to gain stone. With every upgrade and production, you will gain more stone per hour.

Iron Mine - The iron mine is where all your iron is found. Every upgrade and production will add to the hourly iron you produce.


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