Officer Statistics and Producions of Certain Buildings Guide

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Officer Statistics and Producions of Certain Buildings Guide

Post  Guest on Sun Jan 03, 2010 4:46 am

Now, I will discuss some of the terms and productions of certain buildings.

As mentioned in the earlier thread about your 'Officers' these are hired and stored in your Public House and Pleasure Palace. All of your Officers you will find, are hired in your Public House. If you click on it, you'll notice it has a list of available Officers to recruit, (based on the level of your PP).

To access this, simply click on your Pleasure Palace and then press 'Appoint Military Officer' and then make your selections from there.

You'll also notice some statistics. Politics, Attack Power, Sagacity, and Fidelity.

Politics - Politics is the main statistic you look for when appointing a Mayor. For every point in Politics, your hourly productions of each resource, including gold, will increase by a certain %.

Attack Power - Attack Power is the statistic you want most when appointing a warlord. This will greatly affect the outcome of a battle as the higher your Attack Power is on your Commander, your better your chances for survival are for your troops.

Sagacity - Sagacity is used best for the long researches. This is helpful when you have a large research ahead of you.

Fidelity - This is the current Loyalty of the Officer. Be careful and watch this as you don't want it to drop too low.


There are many fortifications you are able to produce in your walls which will be your key in defense of your city(s).

Each fortification has it's own specific role, so read carefully and use them wisely!


To build a second city, you will need 10,000 of EVERY resource, 10,000 gold and 250 workers.


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