Troop Types and Purposes

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Troop Types and Purposes

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Troop Types and Purposes

Peasants - Peasants are the work horses of the city. They are used to work in fields, build population, transport resources, and are used as a last resort in case needed in military conscription. *Only effective against other peasants*

Infantrymen - The infantryman is the basic combat unit, which uses face to face combat when attacking an enemy. You can produce many of these, however, they will not last long. *Effective against other infantrymen and scouts. May also be effective when in large numbers*

Scout - The scout is the main form of a reconnaissance unit. They are used to give detailed information about what units are defending another player or NPC's city(s), as well as the units defending valleys, as well as how many of each. Scouts are only able to kill other scouts, not a strong military unit at all. *Effective against other scouts*

Billmen - Billmen are a type of infantrymen, which utilizes a long spear in hopes of terrifying the opposing armies. The long spear gives an advantage to some types of infantry but is not well used for close up assaults. *Effective against horse-mounted infantry*

Grenadier - Grenadiers are the most physically powerful type of infantry unit. Usually leading battles these infantry men are the first to engage, in hopes of overwhelming the enemy by shear force. *Effective against non horse-mounted infantry*

Musketeer - Musketeers were a form of infantrymen that carried a the musket with possibility of attaching a bayonet. Not only were these infantrymen powerful with the rifle, but with the bayonet attached could also be used in a rush against the enemy. A great many of these can wield great power! *Effective against non horse-mounted enemy infantry, especially in large numbers*

Hussar - Hussars are a light form of cavalry. Usually lightly armored these units are great for fast plunders and quick attacks as they are fast and their easy mobility aids them in attacking small groups of enemy units. *Effective against most infantrymen except heavily armored Dragoons*

Dragoon - Dragoons. The heavy cavalry made to charge their way through the enemy lines. Armored with heavy plates, these masters of the horse are great for charges in any situation! *Effective against all infantrymen*

Convoy - Convoys are primarily used as transportation mounts. They carry large amounts of plundered resources back from other cities and valleys. No military power at all. *No effect in battle*

Howitzer - This small barreled piece of equipment was used as a way disrupting the enemy lines and formations. Usually used to scatter the enemy, these are a great tool for total victory! *Effective against most infantry units that come into range*

Siege Engine - These are used to smash their way through enemy walls and fortifications! The heavy defensive plates on these siege weapons make them almost in-destructable! *Effective against walls and fortifications, with slight effect of some troops*

Cannon - The most powerful piece of military equipment. The cannon was used to wipe out massive areas of infantrymen while in formation. The cannon had a long range, which made it virtually unable to destroy unless the allied lines were broken through. This pain maker is what every army wanted! *Effective against all units of enemy infantrymen*


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