Battlefield (Conduct) Guide

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Battlefield (Conduct) Guide

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1. Troop Type - This Shows the type of troop, and how many you, as well as your enemy has in the battle.

2. Action - There are 3 Actions you are able to peform while in Battle. 'Move Forward', 'Defense', and 'Back Off'. Clicking on this icon will allow you to select which action you want each troop to perform.

3. Target - Here, you are able to specify what you want each of your troops to attack, whether it be the enemy Outlaws, Footpads, or any other type on the Battlefield. Clicking this icon will allow you to select which units you want to attack.

4. Location - The number you see by the type of troop indicates where that troop is on the Battlefield. Starting from left to right (your troops to the enemies) is how distance is configured.

Ex. On this Battle, the total distance was 1760. Therefore, staring out, your troops would of been at Location 1760, then (based on their speed) moved down. As well as the enemy would of started at 0 and went up until reaching 1760.

5. Battlefield Location - This number shows the total distance on the battlefield, from your troops starting point to the enemies.

Note: Check the default range of each troop, then add research bonuses to better your chances of winning a battle.


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