Prestige Building Guide

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Prestige Building Guide

Post  Guest on Sat Jan 16, 2010 1:59 am

Following this quick and very basic guide will enable your prestige to skyrocket.

1. Scout as many wildernesses as you can. Most players have found that the higher the lvl, the more successful you`ll be, but it`s not an exact science. What you are looking for is a valley with a high number of outlaws, and little else. If you find one with 36K outlaws, you`ve hit the prestige jackpot.

2. Send around 5k musketeers, 1 peasant, 1 infantry, and 1 grenadiers. You will probably only need the musketeers, but take the others just to be on the safe side.

3. Unlike Evony and other games similar to this one, you are in charge of the battle as far as tactics are concerned. When your troops arrive, you`ll see the troop sign flashing on the top right-hand corner. Click on it to view and conduct your battle.

4. Now here`s the slightly tricky part. You`ll see that you have 3 options for your troops. Go forward, defensive, and go back. You’ll also see that you can pick who you’re troops are attacking. You want to always attack the strongest first, to get them out of the way fastest, and then continue to change it as the enemy dies.

What you want to do is advance your musketeers until they are in range of the enemy (1200 feet plus whatever you have researched). However, DO NOT engage them hand-to-hand. When you get close enough, you`ll see that their numbers are dropping. What you do at this point is click on go back, so that you are firing while still out of their range and while also retreating.

5. When you have retreated all the way to your left-hand base line, click defensive.

Wait for them there with your other troops in front of them in a staggered line also waiting at set at defend. All being well and good, their numbers will now have been heavily depleted/obliterated, with minimal/no losses incurred on your side.

If you do find that you have lost prestige for some reason, usually due to losing troops, try building 1 infantryman in your barracks, and you should get back what you have lost.


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