How to close your gates guide

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How to close your gates guide

Post  Guest on Wed Jan 20, 2010 9:50 pm

How to close gates guide

1. Go to Rally Spot
2. Click on Defensive Tactic
3. Click on Counter Pillage
*You will see a sword, or a castle door on each troop.
(Sword = Fight) (Castle Door = Will not Fight)

4. Change all of these to a castle door
5. Hit confirm

You now closed your gates!

Question: Why do you close your gates?
Answer: So when a person is attacking u your army will not go out and fight, they will stay in your city.

Question: Why should I do this?
Answer: This is to prevent your army from being crushed, and is great to build up army, even when a enemy
is always attacking you.

Guide made by: Sgt. Richards


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