Occupying Towns A Guide

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Post  kmita on Fri Feb 26, 2010 1:33 pm

For best results against a town's wall towers, make sure that your Ballistics tech is at least level 9. This will
allow your howies the first shot in their duel with the WT's (should cut the # of WT's ~ in half in with this 1st salvo).
Having Ballistics of lvl 8 means your howies will feel the brunt of 6.6K WT's first (losing about 1/3 before they get to fire back). Having Ballistics lvl 10 should mean that your howies can attack the town's WT's from outside the WT's range.

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Occupying Towns A Guide

Post  billteacher on Fri Feb 12, 2010 1:04 pm

Once Epic have finished then we will want to start looking at taking towns, we as an alliance need to have 16 towns and all four fortresses to control Moraiva.

An easy way of scouting a town without having to build and feed large amounts of scouts is to send one hussar and an officer to pillage or occupy. You will get all the info with out the danger of losing all your scouts.

You will need at least one good officer Lv60+ two are better. If you dont have a FMO then work on one officer by fighting in the wilderness of by pillaging NPC cities

The most important elements in your town army are siege and howies. The suggested army layout is as follows;
Infantry 50k
Bill 20k
Grends 20k
Muskets 20k
Dragoons 20k
Howies 8k
Siege 9k

When you are ready the first move is to pillage with all your Dragoons, Muskets, Bills and Grends. Do two pillages one after the other.

Send your first occuptation just after the second pillage this first occpuation is the most important one, you must destroy all the wall towers and as much of the other fortifications as possible. Send you best officer with this occupy. Army structure;
Infantry 50k
Bills all of what you have left
Grens all of what you have left
Muskets 5k
Howies all of your howies
Seige 5k

First order is to hold all troops and kill enemy troops going foward. When these are dead then send infantry, grends, bills and howies forward. The wall towers will do damage to these troops but that is their job, you must get the howies in range before they take too much damage. When howies in range hold and destroy the wall towers. Keep the other troops marching towards the wall. No later than round 20 move you siege towards the wall. Once the howies have killed all the wall towers, move your muskets forward to kill any troops left in the town, also move howies forward as you will need to use these to take out any enemy siege left in the town. By round 35 the walls will be down.

Send a third pillage with your dragoons, time this pillage to arrive just before the first ocupation arrives, it is important that you give the town no time to respawn troops.

Second occupation, the first occupy will go to about round 35 so that is 16.5 mins, make sure your second occupation arrives before this time is over. You want ALL occupies to overlap, ie. the next is always waiting behind the last. Troops structure;
5k muskets
5k dragoons
2.5 seige

There wil be very few enemy troops left and 5k muskets will be enough to kill them and the last pillage will be back so send some dragoons as cover. Again hold and kill enemy troops moving forward. This time there will be no wall towers and few fortifications left, so you can try and use the clock up, ie you have 40 rounds to fight, try and have the walls down around round 38. Again at about round 20 send the siege forward to the walls and move the muskets forward to kill the troops in the city and dragoons to the walls for any oil and logs left.

Third occupation, send the rest of the siege, 5k muskets and 5 k dragoons, again time this occupation to arrive before the last finishes. Same order as the last occupy, kill enemy troops, round 20 move seige and muskets and dragoons forward and try and end the battle at round 38.

The rest of the occupations, your first occupy will have returned so you can now split your occupies up into waves of 2k siege 5k muskets and 5k dragoon, keep sending occupies to overlap with each other.

Keep it up for 8hrs and the town is yours. Each succcessful occupy increase discontent by 5 and loyality will drop by 1 every 6mins. Loyality = 100-tax-discontent.

You need to keep attacking even when discontent is at 100 as a town will get back one discontent every 1 hr, so keep the waves up until you have the loyality at 0.

Good luck contact me if you have any further questions,


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