It's in the details

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It's in the details

Post  MetalMan on Tue Feb 23, 2010 11:23 am

What I mean by that is the little things to help make fine tuned adjustments on your city(s).
1- Relief Station, get it built up. This helps you move between your cities,and the cities of alliance memebers, faster.
2- Rally spot, the higher the level the more troops you can send in one wave.
3- Scouting, Gives you better information when you scout(which will help you in sending the right troop types and amounts)
4- Beacon Tower, should be at least level 8. This detects and gives you intel on incoming attacks. The better informed, the better you can defend or get the right amount of reinforcements.
5- Researches- DO NOT NEGLECT researches. It may not give you and obvious advantage right away, but when you get everything up to level 7 or greater, you will definietly appriciate the expense and time you invested.

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